At Kee Mapping, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a comprehensive list of services.  Whether you need your boundary lines marked or a topographic survey and model, we can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner with great attention to the finest details.  Our field crews and office staff consist of highly trained, skilled individuals who are committed to providing our clients with reliable and friendly service.


If you need your boundary lines marked so you can build on your lot or a plat to establish a new or existing boundary lines, we can fulfill any need you may have when it comes to your property lines. Learn more


Construction projects involve a great deal of planning, these types of surveys can be used to depict the lay of the land pre, during, and post-construction for any project.  Learn more ⇒

Conservation Easement

We are big supporters of conserving and protecting land and streams from development. These types of surveys do just that, and are beneficial to the landowner and the environment.  Learn more ⇒

Stream & Wetland Mitigation

We have extensive experience working with engineers and scientists on these types of projects. We can provide you with any surveying and mapping need that you may have during any phase of the project. Learn more ⇒

Residential & Commercial

From site plans and construction layout to foundation and as-built surveys, our team is highly knowledgeable of what architects, engineers, and builders need  in order to get their job done right. Learn more ⇒

Control Network

Every project needs a strong control network to ensure spatial accuracy during all phases of the project. You can rely on us to provide a convenient and reliable network that will be a valuable asset to you from the planning to the monitoring phase.  Learn more ⇒


We have a very knowledgeable team of Certified Floodplain Surveyors (CFS) on staff that can provide you with any location and mapping need regarding floodplains on your property or project site.  Learn more ⇒


Our mapping department consists of skilled CAD and GIS specialists who create our maps from the data collected by our field crews and available GIS data.  Learn more ⇒

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