Kee & Conservation

Kee Mapping & Surveying is an advocate of land conservation.  Land conservation is vital to the future of our environment.  We want to do our share and want to help educate others of the importance of conservation easements.

A conservation easement is a legal agreement that permanently limits the use of the land in order to protect the conservation values.  It will allow the landowner to continue to use the land, they can sell the property or pass it along to heirs. 

When you donate a conservation easement, you give up some of the rights associated with the land.  You may give up the right to build additional structures but you still have the right to grow crops.  An easement selectively targets only those rights necessary to protect specific conservation values, such as water quality or migration routes, and is individually tailored to meet a landowner's needs. Whatever stipulations that are agreed upon, future owners will be bound by the same easement. 

Conservation easements protect the environment including improvements in air and water resources, decreasing pollution and even sustaining rare wildlife and cultural heritage.  Not only do these easements benefit the environment, they also have economical and tax benefits. 

We are pleased that our team contributes to the responsible growth and development of our community.

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